COVID-19 Quarantine Benefit


A new two-week wage loss benefit has been created to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Members on ‘A’ coverage, RWF and ‘A’ Board Casuals that are required to quarantine will qualify. If possible one of the three following documents should be provided to support their claim:

1. A notice from the Public Health Authority which states they need to self-isolate,
2. A note from their Doctor or
3. A letter from their Employer that they have been asked to self-isolate.

The Plan will also accept proof of travel outside of the country to qualify. Trustees can review applications on a case by case basis for exceptional circumstances.
The benefit is equal to El and will be $573 per week for the recommended two-week quarantine period. Application forms will be available at or contact your Local Secretary Treasurer.
For Plan Members that do become ill, further benefits are possible with medical confirmation of disability. They will be able to transition to Weekly Indemnity.
Plan Members that are sick should attempt to get a note from their doctor. In order to protect the Plan from excessive claims the Plan is required to ask for confirmation of disability from a medical doctor before claims can be processed.
Workers that are not on ‘A’ Plan benefits are encouraged to apply for El or the several new wage loss benefits offered by the Government including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Details at the link below.
See: nance/economic-response-plan. htmI

Recently some members have reached their lifetime limit for medical benefits. To address this barrier the Trustees have increased the lifetime limit for medical benefits for all Members and Pensioners to $60,000. This new limit will be backdated to January 1, 2020.

Life insurance for Plan Members has been increased effective January 1, 2020. The new limit is $225,000 for Plan Members on ‘A’ coverage and $113,000 for Plan Members on ‘B’ coverage. (This was not reported in the previous bulletin).

We ask members to please be patient. Due to the COVID-19 situation-, most of the staff at WEBC are operating remotely and unable to process claims at the normal rate.

Thank you
Your Benefit Plan Trustees


Bulletin COVID 19 March 27th

COVID-19 Quarantine Benefits – EForm      <—– This is the application Form

WEBC Covid-19 Service Update March 16, 2020

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