Category: COVID-19 Bulletins

BCMEA/WEBC have come out with a new COVID-19 Credited Time Form



You have to apply immediately to apply retroactively to March 15,2020

This will give you credited time towards Pension, maintaining benefits and vacation day entitlements.

You can mail the completed forms to and CC

COVID-19 – Credited Time 18.06.2020  <– Click this link to get to form




June 5, 2020

Coverall Bulletin


BCMEA had earlier agreed not to charge for coveralls that were not returned by 14 days.  They have now given a date of June 30,2020 to return coveralls.  As of July 1,2020, they will be charging for any coveralls that are more than 14 days outstanding. If you have coveralls that you signed out more than 14 days ago, please return by June 30,2020 to avoid charges.

June 2, 2020



Port Pass Renewal Process



Effective June 15, 2020 the Port Pass Process will be fully operational.


If your Port Pass was manually extended between March 18, 2020 and June 15, 2020, you will be required to complete a Port Pass Application ONLINE by July 30, 2020.


If your Port Pass expires June 16, 2020 or after, you will be required to complete a Port Pass Application ONLINE prior to the expiry date.


Workers will be required to complete the application process prior to attending BCMEA Dispatch – a computer will not be available for use.


Once your application is completed, you can attend BCMEA Dispatch Administration, Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 3:00 (except statutory holidays) to get your new port pass


Please see the link below for the details on port pass renewals.

BCMEA Port Pass Renewal Bulletin