WEBC Emails and Service Update - ILWU Communication June 15 2020

COVID-19 Related Forms

COVID Quarantine Benefit and COVID-Leave Update - Longshore Benefit plans

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, the various benefit and leave programs available are also changing.
The following update is important for all Plan Members with “A” or B” coverage, as well as those Members with “Lower Board” (LCA) coverage.

COVID Quarantine Benefit

The COVID-19 Quarantine Benefit provides a two-week paid benefit for those unable to work due to COVID-19 and is available to Union Members, Welfare Casuals and Regular Workforce (RWF) Employees with “A” Coverage.
In response to the introduction of the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) by the Federal Government


Effective September 28, 2020, in the event of a potential exposure to COVID-19 and/or developing symptoms of COVID-19, all active Union/Welfare Paying Casuals/Regular Workforce are now expected to apply first for the CRSB before accessing COVID-19 Quarantine benefits through the Plan.

To access the Plan benefit, you are now required to provide proof that you are not eligible for CRSB for the same period. If required, for the period you are in receipt of CRSB, you may also apply to WEBC for ‘Leave related to COVID-19’ to receive Credited Time.

Leave Related to COVID-19
The Federal government has introduced two new job-protected, unpaid leave programs for absences due to COVID-19. These are available to all Members with “A” Coverage, as well as all Plan Members with “B” Coverage or “Lower Board” Coverage

If necessary, you may apply for credited time through the following programs:
1. Leave related to COVID-19 – 2 Weeks
2. Leave related to COVID-19 – Up to 26 Weeks (Caregivers only)

Further details on these programs can be found at this link:

Administration of these programs is done by WEBC, on behalf of the BCMEA.
All documents are available at

November 25 Update from WEBC regarding Covid-19 Quarantine Benefit

Updated Quarantine Benefit Form  (For Members and A Board Workers on the "A" Plan)

COVID-19 Leave (for 2 weeks)

COVID-19 Leave (For up to 26 weeks)  (For Caregivers Only)

Personal Days

Guide to Personal Leave Days

Personal Leave Application - BCMEA 

Personal Leave Application - ILWU Local 502

**You must fill out and submit both applications**

***If BCMEA declines your request, please email Randy Chartier at***

TSC Application


You MUST complete and submit the form online and print a copy to bring to the enrolment  centre. Refer to the PDF for instructions on how to fill the form out.

To help you fill out the form please note the following:

Transportation Facility: Port of Vancouver Fraser

Applicant's Pass ID: Your port pass number

Requesting Authority Name: BC Maritime Employer's Association

Reason for Application: MTSR 5.03

Applicant's current or proposed occupation: Longshore Worker

Applicant's current or proposed sponsor: BC Maritime Employer's Association

Current or proposed sponsor address: 500 - 349 Railway Street, Vancouver, V6A 1A4

Link to application:


Online Port Pass Application Guide

● Use Internet Explorer (not Google Chrome or other browsers)
● Browse to
Click Start

Step 1 - Check all the boxes on the Terms page and hit Next
Step 2 - Fill in all the information on the User Info page and hit Next
Step 3 - At the very top of the page choose Application Type

If broken, lost, stolen, or name change, click Replacement of Port Pass
● Enter reason for replacement.

Issuing Office: British Columbia Maritimes Employers Association
● Select the identification you have with you (i.e. BC Driver’s License)
● Enter identification number and expiration date

Employer Information

Company Official Name: BCMEA
Doing Business as: Ignore and leave blank
Contact Name: Kelly Vachon
Contact Phone: 604.251.6141
E-mail Address:
Employee Number: Your Employee Number (registration number)
Click Submit, you do not need to e-mail or print unless you want it for your own records.

Go to the Vancouver Dispatch Hall located at 1430 Franklin Street, Vancouver Monday to Friday. (Call before you. 604.251.6141)

Don't forget to bring your photo ID used in your online application and your port pass (if you have it)

*** If you are RWF at Westshore you may renew your port pass at the Ladner Port Metro Office but you MUST call 604-665-9661 to book an appointment first. You will need to tell them that your sponsoring agent is WESTSHORE TERMINALS.

Employee Services Forms

The ILWU Employer Association Health and Benefit Plan.


Injured At Work

If you are injured at work:

  1. Report to First Aid & Notify your Foreman
  2. If this is the result of an accident CALL THE BUSINESS AGENT!
  3. Make a claim 1-888-WORKERS (1-888-967-5377)
  4. Report to your Doctor
  5. Notify the Secretary Treasurer


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