Recruitment 2023 Update – Nov 7 2022

Tomorrow, Nov 8 2022, will be our last official day of calling applicants. The list is still evolving as we finalize the applicants for this round and is currently at draw #873, subject to change. A few notes:

  • Package pickup begins this Wednesday, November 9 2022 until Monday Nov 14 2022, with Friday off for holidays
  • Anyone who has been on our call list has been sent two emails by me through Mailchimp. Please check your spam / junk folder if you have been called and haven’t received these emails yet as they contain essential information and links to complete this process
  • If you have missed our calls, don’t worry, we will continue to call you until we get a hold of you
  • If you have been called, please ensure that you book a time to pick up your package through the booking link provided
  • If you haven’t received any emails yet, please contact


In solidarity,

Cam Sture

ILWU Local 502 Recruitment Coordinator

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