Memberlink is ready to roll out. You can access it by visiting

We have created a support portal to help you sign up. You can access it by clicking here (

A few important notes:

  • If you are RWF or do not have a plate #, enter 0 as your plate #
  • If you are temp RWF, use your plate # that you had when moving onto temp RWF
  • Don’t enter your board where it says Plate #, only your position on the board is required
  • You will get an invalid email warning if you leave a space after entering your email address. Please make sure there are no spaces trailing when entering your email.
  • Check your profile and make sure your ratings and personal info are correct
  • There is a predispatch feature, but it is currently deactivated
  • We are rolling this out as an online sign up only to begin with. In January 2022 we will be reaching out to members who haven’t signed up, or who haven’t been able to yet, and will be available to help sign them up during regular hours at the hall.


Memberlink is minimal at the moment, but you can expect it to grow rapidly as we move into 2022. In the mean time, check your ratings / personal info to make sure they’re up to date as we roll out more features.

If you can’t sign up, please email or (604-580-8882 ext 1) and we will be happy to help.

Please provide all the information you used to sign up (MAN # / NAME / PLATE # / BIRTH DATE / EMAIL). Screenshots are great.

If you need ratings changed, please email or call dispatch at 604-580-8882 ext 3


ILWU Local 502 regretfully announces the passing of one of our brothers, Jesse McPhee.

Out of respect for the grieving family, many of whom work with us, please refrain from any speculation.

The family will release an official statement at a later date.

RIP brother.